I create clay monotypes, multi-layered and complex: a lot like life.

Layers fascinate me: new paint over old walls, once shiny artifacts showing the patina of time. What is on the surface, and what is hidden? Clayprinting builds layers of texture and color to create images with visual depth and texture. I attempt to convey a sense of history, creating subtle surprises and places to travel within each piece. Intuition and experience guide my work.

"I love the work of Martha Castillo. It combines color, mystery, spirit and form in a way that speaks strongly to me. Her work is a valued part of my collection."
~ Douglas Preston, Nationally Acclaimed Best-selling author
ONGOING:   Martha's work can always be seen at Gallery House,  320 California Avenue,   Palo Alto, 94306.  She has begun preparing for a duo exhibit there in 2018.

2017 Workshop Dates at Martha Castillo Clayprint Studios 

February 10 & 11
April 8 & 9

Registration now being accepted for these upcoming workshops.

June 24 & 25

August 12 & 13

September 23 & 24                                                                          

To register,  or for one-day options, please contact me.

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Please contact me if you are interested in other dates. Customized workshops for you and your group, at my venue or yours, are also available. 

Flagpole # 1 ©                                                                                       18x24 

Flagpole # 1 ©                                                                                       18x24